Shirley Woodruff, Patient Care Coordinator


Shirley will probably be the first person you’ll meet at our office. Whether you are scheduling an appointment, itching to have an urgent question answered, or are getting insurance squared away, her smiling face and warm personality will make you feel instantly at home.

We love Shirley’s absolute LOVE of eyewear. Her fave part of the job is helping patients pick out a pair of frames and seeing their faces light up at the realization that not only can they see everything clearer, but they also look pretty darn good doing it, too.

She’s a glasses wearer herself, and rumor has it she’s been collecting glasses at an alarming rate since she started working here (who wouldn’t when you’ve got all the best brands in eyewear just staring at you all day?). She’s the perfect model for us because she loves branching out into all different types of styles – from a funky Face a Face to a more classic Chanel. She rocks them all and shows our patients just how awesome glasses are.

Just to mix things up, Shirley is trying her hand at contacts for the first time in 15 years. She’s never been a big fan, but Dr. Mumford has been working with her on finding the most comfortable pair. Something tells us that even if she does find ultimate comfort in contact lenses, she’ll still be wearing some non-prescription frames of fabulousness.

She’s originally from Louisiana, but Shirley and her husband have called Charlotte home for over 20 years (we call that a native around here!) AND have raised their 13-year-old daughter here. She can be bribed with a gift card to Rooster’s (a favorite date night spot for her and her hubby!) or Starbucks (did we mention she has a teenager?? Get this woman a venti latte!), and loves a little downtime needle pointing or just hanging with friends and family. She’s an integral part of what makes our office totally unique, and we can’t wait for you to get to know her!