Contact Lenses

We personally customize the right contact lens for you!

Contact Lens Exams at Innovative Eyecare
We believe that the selection of a personalized contact lens solution needs to be based on your vision issues, prescription, overall eye health, lifestyle, age and comfort. Dr. Mumford, Dr. Fogleman and our entire team are very hands-on and will personally customize the right contact lens for YOU.

Our office is stocked with all the best brands in a huge variety of prescriptions (just ask to see the “contact closet” – you’ve gotta see it to believe it).

If you need a specialty contact lens, Dr. Mumford and Dr. Fogleman have extensive experience fitting patients with every kind of eye condition including keratoconus. They especially enjoy fitting multifocal and RGP contact lenses as well as leveraging cutting-edge technology such as fitting scleral contact lenses. Sounds crazy, we know, but those are a few of their favorite things!

Make an appointment by phone or online for contact lens fittings. If you need to re-stock your supply, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll mail them directly to you.

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