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Optical Manager
Patient Care Coordinator
Certified Paraoptometric Technician
Optometric Technician
Optometric Technician
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Patient Care Coordinator
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Kristen Norton

Optical Manager

We’re excited to introduce you to Kristen, our Lead Optician here at Innovative Eye Care! Kristen brings over a decade of experience in optics to our practice, and we are very lucky to have her. Patients immediately connect with Kristen’s sense of humor and her kind, non-judgmental personality. She helps fit and adjust frames for the many patients who get their glasses from our practice.

Kristen is ABO and NCLE certified, and one of her favorite parts of being an optician is the need for continual learning and education. She also enjoys training new opticians— something she began doing while working as an optician with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Kristen worked at the VA for seven years before leaving to join us in private practice. Though she enjoyed serving veterans in her previous role, she longed for the opportunity to use her creativity in her daily life. We are so grateful that this desire for a more creative, laid-back atmosphere led her to join us here at Innovative.

When she isn’t working, Kristen enjoys spending time with her two kids (Amelia and Maxwell) and two dogs (Holly-Anne and Charlie). You’ll find them exploring local state parks or the Whitewater Center when the weather is pleasant. Kristen also enjoys reading books and watching movies with her family.

Emily Bolt

Patient Care Coordinator

Emily will most likely be one of the first faces you see when you come to Innovative Eye Care. As one of our patient care coordinators, she will make sure you feel welcome and comfortable. Emily is our go-to for checking patients in, verifying insurance, taking phone calls, and scheduling appointments. She loves helping people, thrives under pressure, and doesn’t even mind a Monday, so we are so happy she’s with us.

Emily is a double unicorn. Not only is she a Charlotte native (you don’t meet many of those!), but she also has 20/20 vision. Her perfect vision hasn’t stopped her from hitting up our eyewear boutique’s amazing sunglass selection, though. Right now she’s crushing on the aviator trend.

When she’s not keeping everything under control at our front desk, Emily loves to cook, hit the gym, and escape to Isle of Palms, SC for a beach fix. She also enjoys tackling DIY projects for the home. Her current obsession? Making sunburst mirrors.

She’s a non-stop ball of positive energy and our very own sunburst. We’re sure your day will be a little brighter after working with Emily.



Jennifer McCurley

Certified Paraoptometric Technician

As one of our optometric technicians, Jennifer is Dr. Mumford’s right-hand woman. After checking in, Jennifer will be the first person you’ll work with at our office. She will do all of your pre-testing and contact lens training and will set everything up so that your visit with Dr. Mumford is smooth and efficient. With her warm personality, calm nature, and over 20 years of experience, Jennifer is the PERFECT person for this job.

Jennifer knows no two patients are alike and loves getting to know each new person that walks through our door. And, one of her favorite parts of the job is catching up with longtime patients whose visits can become like seeing extended family (without the stress of a holiday dinner to prepare). She’s also AMAZING with kids and teens – most likely because she’s a mom of two and “gets” it. Whether you’re here for a yearly check up or a more serious eye problem, she’ll guide you through each step in such a zen-like way that you might be able to skip yoga for the day.

In her free time, Jennifer loves spending time with her two kids, a daughter in high school and a son who just recently flew the coop. With some of the demands of parenting behind her, Jennifer is finding a new love for crocheting – something her grandmother did that she always admired. Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens is her local “happy place,” but she’ll escape to the sugar sand beaches of St. George’s Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast any chance she can get.
She’s cool, calm, collected, and so very capable. We can’t wait for you to meet Jennifer!



Rachel Slaney


Rachel is one of our amazing Eyewear Consultants here at Innovative Eye Care. She works closely with our doctors to help patients find their perfect vision correction. Her soothing aura and thoughtful diligence make every patient interaction warm, friendly, and positive.

Rachel is originally from Connecticut, where she lived and worked for many years with her husband and their children. After 17 years training under a seasoned optometrist there, she and her family decided to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina, which has been their home ever since. Our patients benefit not only from Rachel’s experience and high-quality optician training, but also from her hardworking and gentle spirit. The patients are Rachel’s favorite part of her job; there is nothing more gratifying to her than helping someone access life-changing vision care.

When she’s not working, Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband John and their three boys, a family of self-described ‘dorks’ who enjoy playing card games and Dungeon and Dragons together. You might also find her listening to music or taking care of her family’s menagerie of pets: four snakes, two rescue cats, and a rescue pitbull. In her free time, she enjoys meditating, crafting, and restoring wood furniture.

We can’t wait for you to meet Rachel!


Ania Bennett

Optometric Technician

Ania is one of Innovative’s amazing optometric technicians! She is an experienced optometric tech who is passionate about giving patients the best, most compassionate care. As someone who has worn glasses her entire life, she knows the difference that one caring person can make during a potentially anxiety-inducing eye exam. Her favorite part of her job as optometric technician is making a human connection with each patient. Ania’s warm, upbeat personality makes her perfect for this patient-facing role. Our patients love connecting with her as she performs their initial eye exam.

In her free time, you’ll find Ania busy growing her small business. Ania has turned her years-long passion for makeup into a thriving side hustle as a makeup artist. She loves creating beautiful, unique makeup looks for her clients. Her empathy and humor, which make her amazing at her work in our practice, also help her understand the needs of her makeup clients.

When she’s not working in our practice or on her small business, Ania relaxes with fun reality TV shows. She also enjoys spoken word poetry. Though a native of Baltimore, Maryland, Ania has lived in Charlotte since childhood. In the coming years, she hopes to complete higher education in optometry and build out her side business by obtaining a real estate license.

We know you’ll love meeting Ania during your next eye exam.


Miranda Newell

Optometric Technician

Miranda is one of our fantastic optometric technicians here at Innovative! Though relatively new to the optometry business, she’s quickly found her stride in our practice. Miranda has always loved both science and working with people, so when she recently decided to pursue a career change, she found her interests paired wonderfully in the role of optometric technician.

Optometric techs work one-on-one with patients to perform a preliminary eye exam and basic tests. They’re also one of the first people you’ll meet when you come into our office for an exam— just one reason why we’re lucky to have Miranda here! Miranda’s friendly, positive attitude helps put our patients at ease. She loves meeting new people and it’s her personal mission to make every patient laugh and smile. When it comes to the technical aspect of her work, Miranda’s detail-oriented nature and eagerness to learn make her great at what she does.

A native of Rock Hill, South Carolina, Miranda now lives in Fort Mill with her husband Trey. They are proud pet parents to Daisy, a bearded dragon, and Diesel, a rescue pit bull. Miranda loves her animals and is a proud advocate for pit bull rescue and rehabilitation. When she’s not working, she loves watching science documentaries, camping, and spending time at Lake Wiley. A lover of live music, you’ll find her at concerts at local music venue The Fillmore. She and her husband also enjoy traveling— their favorite destination being the beautiful mountains of Tennessee.

We can’t wait for you to meet Miranda during your next eye exam.

Nicole Morales

Patient Care Coordinator

We are so excited to introduce you to Nicole, one of our wonderful Patient Care Coordinators. Nicole helps our patients find the perfect frames or contact lenses. She also enjoys running Innovative’s social media presence. If you’ve seen any of our posts on Instagram, Nicole was probably behind them! Nicole has a background in dental assisting; she switched over to optometry a few years ago and has been working in the industry ever since. Our patients benefit from Nicole’s allied health background and from her strengths in project management, customer service, and design.

For Nicole, the best part of her job is the opportunity to build relationships with patients. Every patient interaction is a chance to brighten someone’s day and to use her problem-solving skills to find their perfect solution. Her outgoing personality and relaxed, easygoing manner make her easy to interact with.

When she’s not working, Nicole enjoys spending time with her husband Brandon and their rescue animals– cat (Dazzle), dog (Sammy), and bunny (Ginger)! Originally from New Jersey, she now calls Charlotte home and loves volunteering with local animal rights and affordable housing organizations. She also enjoys traveling, creating special effects makeup looks, and trying new things. Nicole is a vital part of our team, and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Maloni Blakeney


Maloni is one of our wonderful opticians here at Innovative Eye Care! If you purchase a pair of glasses in our office, Maloni will help you understand your options and which types of lenses and frames will work best for you. She loves interacting with patients and supporting them in their eye care journey. Since joining our team, she has fallen in love with the small, supportive environment of our boutique optometry practice. She says the best part of her job is helping patients make informed decisions about their glasses or contact lenses.

Maloni’s thoughtful, detail-oriented work ethic makes her a helpful and reliable addition to our office. She combines practical knowledge with a sense of fun and curiosity. We are lucky to work with Maloni!

When she’s not working, Maloni enjoys spending time with her fiancé and planning for the upcoming birth of her child. She has a knack for makeup and dreams of attending cosmetology school one day. She also loves interior design and can often be found watching HGTV. Maloni is a longtime resident of the Charlotte area. She is a valuable member of our team, and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Lauren Smith

Patient Care Coordinator

We are so excited to introduce Lauren, one of our patient care coordinators here at Innovative Eye Care. When patients visit the practice, Lauren is one of the first people they meet. Lucky you— Lauren is amazing! Her kind smile and friendly, helpful attitude make our patients feel at home immediately. 

Lauren is a wizard at organization, so we’re glad she takes care of most of the insurance and billing tasks for the practice. She loves communicating complicated insurance information to patients in a simple, easy-to-understand way. But more than anything else, Lauren makes every patient feel at ease and welcome. Her love for this work and our patients shines through all her interactions.

When she isn’t working, Lauren enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. You’ll find her with her husband Taylor and two sons soaking up the sun on Lake Wylie or hiking in search of waterfalls in the mountains. She and her family also enjoy spending time with their two dogs; beautiful Blue Heelers named Duke and Koda.

We couldn’t be happier to have Lauren on our team!

Frances Alsabbah

Senior Optician

We’re excited to introduce you to our fabulous Senior Optician, Frances. Frances is an industry veteran, with 15 years of experience in optics. She got her start in a department store optical department. When shopping for her own glasses in the busy store, she began helping other patrons pick out their own pairs. The optical manager saw her aptitude for the work and offered her a job on the spot. The rest is history!

We are lucky to have Frances on our team. Her extensive work experience and keen eye for design make her a huge asset, both for our staff and for our patients. Frances is passionate about helping every patient find a flattering, unique pair of glasses that suit their personality and sense of style.

When she isn’t working, Frances enjoys spending time with her family. She shares a multi-generational home with her two daughters, her mother, and her sister. They love playing card games and cooking elaborate recipes as a family. She is a native and longtime resident of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

We can’t wait for you to meet Frances!