Eye Care Services

We use the latest in vision care technology!

An eye health exam at Innovative Eye Care provides not only an assessment of your vision, but also an insight into your overall health. Eye exams can sometimes detect early indicators for various diseases, including cancer, so we take the time to get to know YOU in your eye health exam. We see all ages, so bring everybody and we’ll be one big happy family!

We use the most breakthrough technology including the Daytona Optomap retinal scan (goodbye, eye dilation!) and a digital eye chart (and hello, new high def letters!) to ensure you get the most comprehensive exam.

And here’s a fun fact to know before your eye exam: we use all electronic medical records (EMR) and are working to be a completely paperless office. Our goal for our patients is to come with no paper and leave with no paper. Yep, it’s a bit lofty we know, but definitely achievable.

Please call us today to schedule your comprehensive eye evaluation – 704-348-1500!

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