Meet Dr. Michelle Mumford

+Michelle Mumford

Dr. Michelle Mumford always knew she wanted to work in the medical field, but it was because she started wearing (very unfashionable) glasses at age seven and contact lenses at age eleven that her interest in Optometry grew. Her father, also a physician, stressed early on to her and her sister that whatever work they chose in life should be their passion – and that’s exactly what eye health and vision is to Dr. Mumford.

“Protecting my patient’s vision and eye health is the most important part of my job – and I take it very seriously – but it’s also very important to me for our patients leave our office happy and confident.”

She obviously recognizes the value in good vision health, but also emphasizes that style can’t be sacrificed. As a kid growing up with glasses that lacked any sort of “style” (and that’s putting it lightly), Dr. Mumford is acutely aware that the right glasses make all the difference. That’s why she’s stocked the Innovative Eye Care boutique with the best selection of designer eyeglasses and sunglasses around PLUS the biggest variety of contact lenses. She’s created a warm, friendly environment that makes patients leaving feeling better about themselves.

“To see a patient’s eyes light up after putting on new glasses or contact lenses is the reason I do what I do – it never gets old.”

Dr. Mumford graduated from Auburn University with honors (yes, she’s VERY happy Cam Newton is the Panther’s QB and is a 100% Carolina Panther’s fan today) and received her Doctor of Optometry from The Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a member of the American Optometric Association, the North Carolina State Optometric Society, and the Piedmont Optometric Society.

A native Tennessean, Dr. Mumford and her husband, Jeff (her high school sweetheart!), now call their home city Charlotte a “perfect melting pot of newcomers and natives.” And in case you were wondering, even eye doctors have a life outside of the office. Dr. Mumford and her husband stay super busy keeping up with their toddler, Amelia James, and their two dogs, who are just now adjusting to their roles as “dogs, not babies” after Amelia’s arrival in November 2015. She also loves to shop, read, exercise, travel, or soak in the sun on the lake (always wearing the most fashionable sunglasses, of course!). She’s thankful EVERYDAY that glasses are once again “cool” – because they definitely weren’t when she was young.